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19 Martie 2011 Beat Factor BeatFactor

Dupa 15 ani de cariera si sase albume lansate, trupa britanica Faithless a anuntat ca se destrama.

Intr-un mesaj postat pe Facebook, Maxi Jazz a confirmat ca `e vremea sa inchida cartea si sa se intoarca la biblioteca`.

Actualul turneu al trupei va fi si ultimul, mai anunta Maxi Jazz.

Triou-ul britanic va ramane cunoscut cel mai bine pentru piese precum `God Is a DJ`, `We Come 1` si `Insomnia`.

Maxi Jazz le multumeste tuturor celor care au facut posibil traseul Faithless.

Iata mesajul complet lasat de Maxi Jazz:

`After 15 years(!) and six albums(!!) I think we've probably made our collective point by now and that it's time to close the book and return to the library...

We've had, with you, the most unbelievable, epic and moving experience, stretching over years and tens of thousands of miles... joyful, exhilarating and empowering, we never for a moment thought an affair could last this long. Or be this powerful. Never thought for a moment that the end of this journey would be left to us either...

Quite naturally people grow, change and leave the things of youth behind them. You've not only brought us with you, but introduced us to y'children too! What're you like..?

The album 'The Dance Never Ends' was written and produced for you, as a thank you, but also as a goodbye.. the tour schedule has been particularly hectic as we attempt to visit as many territories as there are people who wanna see us.. And say thank you.

If I devoted the rest of my life to the task, I could NEVER thank you enough. I have memories that will still be with me in my next life.

But, like when writing a song, you always just 'know' when it's finished... this is and was the "Thank YOU And Goodbye' tour and to be truthful, I really hope you just pick up the ball of your life.. And RUN WITH IT!!

Once again, whether you bought or downloaded a cd, came to a show or told your mates about us... Whether from the beginning or just last week. Thank you.

You'll be in my heart forever. Listen for my voice in future lifetimes, I only grow in your shadow, you're the sun to me.

One Love.


Faithless a concertat in Romania prima data in 1998, la Sala Polivalenta. Maxi, Sister Bliss si Rollo au revenit apoi la Bucuresti in 2005, pentru un concert ce a avut loc la Arenele Romane.

Faithless a fost cap de afis la B'estival 2007 si la Ciuc Summer Fest 2010, asta pe langa DJ set-urile pe care le-au avut separat Mexi Jazz si Sister Bliss.

Vezi poze Faithless la Ciuc Summer Fest 2010

Nume reprezentativ al muzicii electro din Marea Britanie, Faithless a imbinat de-a lungul carierei genuri variate, de la electro la dance si chiar trance, influente hip-hop, trip-hop si spoken-word, refuzand incadrarea intr-un singur stil muzical.

Trupa a debutat in anul 1995 cu piesa "Salva Mea”, care la putin timp dupa lansare a ajuns pe primele locuri ale topurilor din intreaga lume.

Anul 1996 a marcat aparitia primului album de studio, "Reverence”, acesta fiind urmat de "Sunday 8pm”, "Outrospective”, "No Roots”, si de un album Greatest Hits, lansat in 2005.

In anul 2006, Faithless a lansat cel de-al cincilea album de studio "To All New Arrivals” consacrand definitiv trupa britanica drept unul dintre cele mai de succes proiecte electro-dance din lume.

Dupa patru ani de la aparitia ultimului material, Faithless a lansat `The Dance`. In cei 15 ani de cariera, Faithless a vandut peste 12 milioane de albume in intreaga lume.

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