Revelion cu Ryan Crosson, Guti si Tini in Studio Martin

08 Noiembrie 2010 Beat Factor BeatFactor

A aparut deja prima oferta pentru noaptea de revelion in Bucuresti! Clubul Studio Martin va gazdui o petrecere marca 'People Like Us'.

In cadrul respectivului eveniment, ce va avea loc pe data de 31 decembrie, vor mixa tINI, Guti si Ryan Crosson. Mai multe detalii despre aceasta petrecere vor fi postate in curand.

Cine sunt sau, mai degraba, ce reprezinta People Like Us?

"People Like Us is a state of mind. Baptized on a scorching tuesday morning in august on an balearic island north of the equator; an oasis where finely tuned and synchronised souls meet at each beat. People Like Us is a world wide society which shares an idea of life. It brings form to fathomless ideas, & function to garments that portray the ease of that hour when you’re floating and wondering if an end will ever come. People like us are free from social classes; you find them everywhere, laced through subways and sidewalks in Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, New York and even further afield.. People like us creates a tangent where night could be day, where movement is in the moment, and that ticking pulse is your inner circadian clock urging you to meet the deadline, or it’s a supersonic throb of a highspeed train, or it’s a rattling bassline in surround sound – or it’s just the beating of the wings of a bird as you lie back on board with the ocean beneath you."

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