James Teej isi lanseaza albumul de debut la Rekids

11 Mai 2010 Create It BeatFactor

Canadianul James Teej isi va lansa albumul solo, de debut, la casa de discuri Rekids, detinuta de Radio Slave, si va purta numele de Evening Harvest. Discul va aparea luna aceasta.

Evening Harvest este o selectie a materialelor pe care Teej le-a compus in prima jumatate a anului 2009.

Cu puternice accente house si deep techno, discul este practic o calatorie prin diferite stari emotionale si sound-uri.

Piesele de pe acest disc au fost scrise mai mult pentru a fi ascultate in intimitate decat pentru ringul de dans, dar in acelasi timp, folosite cu tact pot incanta si omuletii dornici de dans.

Acest Evening Harvest este un cumul al celor 14 ani petrecuti de artist ascultand, producand si mixand muzica electronica, si reprezinta preferintele sale eclectice.

Discul va fi disponibil pe 20 mai 2010.

Tracklist + descrierea pieselor in limba-mama.

1. B4 SPRING - This track introduces the emotional undertone of this album perfectly. Easing you in with moody tones and an air of expectancy as the track progresses; layering with chimes and percussion. There is a hollow feel to it until all the sounds roll together with soft and soothing beats. This allows you to delve in to deep listening mode and enjoy the intricate way this album has been put together.

2. MONACO VILLA - Instantly bouncy and upbeat with a simple structure and catchy vocal. The percussion resonates throughout with an original tech-house sound.

3. LATE BLOOMING - A slightly more moody introduction with a noticeably subdued undertone. The echoing piano and shaky percussion adds an almost jazzy/blues feel to the track.

4. GREENBACK ft. dOP* - Beginning with shuffling percussion and then instantly moving into an uplifting tone, set by the euphoric synthesized sounds and calming vocals. Again the clicking percussion is true to a deeper tech house style.

5. WE COLLIDE – A provocative rhythm and a funky percussion, with deep house resonating throughout. The track eases in and out of a harder more techno percussive sound.

6. LEFT BELIEVING - An earthy tribal beat attached to an almost spooky vocal running through. The clean kick drums lighten the tone and add a funky atmosphere over the top, while the general tone is expectant and hopeful.

7. SEVEN DAY MEND** - Deep listening at its best – with an evocative vocal, moody bass line and an undefined drop leaving smoothness throughout. With small hints of softer instruments the track has a slightly sad undertone.

8. THE RAIN AWAITING - Introduced with a dark, marching build up leaving an air of excitement and expectation. As it chugs systematically through the layers, adding deep bass and low melody, the atmosphere builds. There is a vast spectrum of sounds, from strings and shakers to dark bass drums, leaving a highly volumous sound.

9. SICKEN - This track plays with the boundaries of deep tribal beats and electronic synthesizer sounds, merging the two to create an earthy yet strongly electronic sound. The mood is strong and harsh until the contrast of a softer melody is introduced.

10. ALL WE HAVE IS TIME - This track begins with an unmistakably blues sound, with a hint of jazz in the piano and a soulful vocal. It could be seen as a wind down track, or a time to reflect. It is the perfect finale to an album intended to take its listeners on a journey through the spectrum of human emotions.

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