Amon Tobin lanseaza un boxset consistent la Ninja Tune

06 Martie 2012 Beat Factor BeatFactor

Casa de discuri Ninja Tune va lansa in luna mai un pachet muzical extrem de consistent, format din productii de-ale lui Amon Tobin.

Fanii vor avea de-a face cu 6 viniluri 10", 7 CD-uri si un DVD. Majoritatea muzicii nu a mai fost lansata pana acum, sau nu a vazut lumina zilei intr-un format fizic. De la muzica pentru reclame, jocuri video sau filme, pana la selectii din "Monthly Joints" (cantece pe care le-a lansat lunar, intre 2007 si 2010, pe, pachetul de fata ajunge sa satisfaca si gusturile celor mai pretentiosi fani de-ai artistului brazilian.

In DVD sunt disponibile si filmari din cadrul proiectului audio-vizual ISAM, despre care puteti afla cate ceva si de aici.

Track list:

10-inch No.1: ISAM Extra Tracks

A1 Carry On Marmaduke

A2 Morning Ms Candis

B1 One Last Look

B2 Ode To Morricone

10-inch No.2: ISAM Reinterpretations

A1 Wooden Toy (Kwes./[o=o]. Rework)

A2 Piece Of Paper (Extra Interpretation by Matthew Bourne & Sam Hobbs)

B1 Surge (Pete Wareham Extended Translation)

B2 Surge (Extended Cover by Julia Kent)

10-inch No.3

A1 Madam Larivee

A2 Down By The Creek

A3 Return To Mother (Abduction Home)

B1 Lost & Found (Machinefabriek Deconstruction)

10-inch No.4

A1 Amon Tobin & Noisia - Sunhammer (VIP Version)

B1 Noisia - Machine Gun (Amon Tobin Remix)

B2 Eskamon - Fine Objects

10-inch No.5

A1 Dark Road

A2 Overforces

B1 Hesperium

B2 Stupid IDM'z

10-inch No.6: Taxidermia Score

A1 Chase

A2 Blood Sweat and More Blood

A3 Taxidermia

A4 Run

B5 Bath Scene (Here Comes The Moon Man)

B6 Rural Soldiers

B7 Introducing The Son

B8 Factory Training

CD 1: ISAM Live

01. Intro Sequence

02. Journeyman Extended Live Version

03. Piece Of Paper

04. Bed Time Stories Extended Live Version

05. Wooden Toy Extended Live Version

06. Lost And Found

07. Slowly 2011 Live Rebuild Version

08. Machine Gun Remix (Noisia, Amon Tobin Remix)

09. Goto10

10. Surge Two Fingers Remix

11. Kitty Cat Live Version

12. Dropped From The Sky Live Version

13. Night Swim

14. Horsefish Live Version

CD2: Monthly Joints

01. Hey Mr. Tree

02. Twelvses

03. At Work

04. Dualistic

05. Eight Sum

06. It's A Lovely Night

07. Shut Down

08. Technique

09. Trickstep

10. Delpher

11. Into The Dark (Intermission)

12. Amon Tobin on Q (CBC interview, courtesy of CBC's Q)

CD3: Selected Scores - Selected from Scores Written by Amon Tobin for Various Film and Video Games

CD4: Rarities Section 1 - The Lost Scores

01. Madam Larivee

02. Down By The Creek

03. Return To Mother (Abduction Home)

04. Lux

05. Clear Skies

06. Crash Test Speedster Killer

07. Roots Of Fools GT Killer

08. Angels & Demons

09. Ambient Score Level One

10. Spy vs Spy vs Spy

11. A6

12. Black Run

13. Bottle Factory Symphony

14. End Game

15. Future Creatures In Soup

16. Mothership

Section 2 - Mike Schrieve collaboration:

17. Worlds Collide (live drums by Michael Shrieve)

18. Oracle (live drums by Michael Shrieve)

Section 3 - Old Dub Plates:

19. Angel of Theft (co-produced by Ghostbeard)

20. Hydraulics

21. The Third Hand

Section 4 - Teenage Experiments:

22. Bad Dream

23. Breathe In Rhythm

24. Computer Game

25. Dot

26. Experiment

27. Lula

28. Upwards

CD 5: ISAM Reinterpretations

01. Surge (Pete Wareham Translation)

02. Lost & Found (The Thief : Colin Stetson's Lost & Found Redux)

03. Lost & Found (Machinefabriek Deconstruction)

04. Wooden Toy (Reworked by Bibio)

05. Piece Of Paper (Thulebasen Cover Version)

06. Night Swim (Lorn Reel)

07. Dropped From The Sky (2562's New Wave Redux)

08. Journeyman (Jasper TX Reorder)

09. Wooden Toy (Kwes./[o=o]. Rework)

10. Piece Of Paper (Raffertie Outing)

11. Wooden Toy (Sonic Boom Version)

12. Bedtime Stories (Austin Peralta Reinterpretation)

13. Surge (Emika Version)

14. Lost & Found (Reinterpreted by Matthew Bourne & Sam Hobbs)

15. Piece Of Paper (Reinterpreted by Matthew Bourne & Sam Hobbs)

16. Surge (Cover by Julia Kent)

CD6: Recent Excursions & Remixes

01. Amon Tobin - Carry On Marmaduke

02. Amon Tobin - Morning Ms Candis

03. Amon Tobin - One Last Look

04. Amon Tobin - Ode To Morricone

05. Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Grief" (Amon Tobin Remix)

06. Amon Tobin - Taxidermia (Magpie Mix)

07. Eskmo - "Moving Glowstream" (Amon Tobin Remix)

08. Amon Tobin - GoTo10 (Kryptic Minds Remix)

09. Amon Tobin - Journeyman (Shed Remix)

10. Amon Tobin - Surge (16Bit Mix)

11. Amon Tobin - GoTo10 (Broken Note Remix)

12. Amon Tobin - Night Swim (Frank Riggio Remix)

13. Amon Tobin - Surge (Frank Riggio Adaptation1)

14. Amon Tobin - Journeyman (Fanu Remix)

15. Amon Tobin - Goto10 (Photek Remix)

16. Amon Tobin - Dropped From The Sky (Jimmy Edgar Nails Did)

CD7: The London Metropolitan Orchestra live at the Royal Albert Hall, Adapted for Orchestra by Ilan Eshkeri

01. At The End Of The Day

02. Theme From Battery

03. Introducing The Sun

04. Searchers

05. Bloodstone

07. Horsefish

06. Taxidermia

08. Lost And Found

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