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01 Septembrie 2011 | langtan

The room where Suellen and Carreen cocktail dresseslay mumbling and tossing on the same bed stank vilely with the smell of the twisted rag burning in a saucer of evening dressesbacon fat, which provided the only light. When Scarlett first opened the door the thick atmosphere party dressesof the room, with all windows closed and the air reeking with sick-room odors, medicine smells and stinking homecoming dressesgrease, almost made her faint. Doctors might say that fresh air was fatal in a sick room but if she werecoast dresses to sit here, she must have air or die. She opened the three windows, bringing in the smell of oak leavesprom dress and earth, but the fresh air could do little toward dispelling the sickening odors which had accumulatedevening gowns for weeks in this close room.Carreen and Suellen, emaciated and white, slept brokenly and awoke to mumbletux with wide, staring eyes in the tall four-poster bed where they had whispered togethercheap prom dresses in better, happier days. In the corner of the room was an empty bed, a narrow French cocktail dressEmpire bed with curling head and foot, a bed which Ellen had brought from Savannah. Thisprom dresses ukwas where Ellen had lain.  Scarlett sat beside the two girls, staring at them stupidly. The whisky taken on a ball gownsstomach long empty was playing tricks on her. Sometimes her sisters seemed far away and tiny evening dressand their incoherent voices came to her like the buzz of insects. And again, they loomed short prom dresseslarge, rushing at her with lightning speed. She was tired, tired to the bone. She could lieone shoulder dressdown and sleep for days. If she could only lie down and sleep and wake to feel Ellen mother of the groom dressesgentry shaking her arm and saying: “It is late, Scarlett. You must not be so lazy.”party dress But she could not ever do that again. If there were only Ellen, someone older than she, prom dresses under 100wiser and unweary, to whom she could go! Someone in whose lap she could lay her head, someone plus size prom dresseson whose shoulders she could rest her burdens!The door opened softly and Dilcey entered, Melanie’s baby held to her breast, the gourd of whisky in her hand. In the smoky, ball dresses uncertain light, she seemed thinner than when Scarlett last saw her and the Indian blood flirt prom dresseswas more evident in her face. The high cheek bones were more prominent, the hawk-bridged plus size cocktail dressesnose was sharper and her copper skin gleamed with a brighter hue. Her faded calico dress cocktail attirewas open to the waist and her large bronze breast exposed. Held close against her, Melanie’s baby pressed his pale rosebud mouth greedily to the dark nipple, sucking, grippingdresses for prom tiny fists against the soft flesh like a kitten in the warm fur of its mother’s belly.Scarlett rose unsteadily and put a hand on Dilcey’s arm.It was good of you to stay, Dilcey.”evening gown “How could I go off wid them trashy niggers, Miss Scarlett, after yo’ pa been so good to buy me and my little Prissy and yo’ ma been so kine?”“Sit down, Dilcey. evening wearThe baby can eat all right, then? And how is Miss Melanie?”  “Nuthin’ wrong wid this chile ‘cept he hongry, and what it take to feed aformal wear hongry chile I got. No’m, Miss Melanie is all right. She ain’ gwine die, Miss Scarlett. Doan you fret yo’seff. I seen too many, white and black, lak her. She mighty tired and long evening dresses nervous like and scared fo’ this baby. But I hesh her and give her some of whut was lef in that go’de and she sleepin’.”So the corn whisky had been used by the whole family! pink dressScarlett thought hysterically that perhaps she had better give a drink to little Wade and see if it would stop his hiccoughs— And Melanie would not die. And when Ashley pink dressescame home—if he did come home ... No, she would think of that later too. So much to think of—later! So many things to unravel—to decide. If only she could put off the prom gownshour of reckoning forever! She started suddenly as a creaking noise and a rhythmic “Ker-bunk—ker-bunk—” broke the stillness of the air outside.“That’s Mammy gettin’ the watervintage prom dressesto sponge off the young Misses. They takes a heap of bathin’,” explained Dilcey, propping the gourd on the table between medicine bottles and a glass.Scarlett laughed backless dressessuddenly. Her nerves must be shredded if the noise of the well windlass, bound up in her earliest memories, could frighten her. Dilcey looked at her steadily as she laughed, her face immobile in its dignity, but Scarlett felt that Dilcey understood. Sheball gownsank back in her chair.

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23 August 2011 | langtan

monthly income of million now to commit suicide; swallowed 24 sleeping pills, his family was far away in Jilin to play a Cry phone; had together and Hemou cousin working in Chongqing, from 2100 kilometers away, "E" to the Map of Chongqing, an emergency rescue operation started in the middle of the night cocktail attireof Garden Road Police Station in Chongqing sounded hurried phone ring tones, telephone requestscocktail dress Shandong police support, a brief dialogue thrilling: a 19-year-old guy Hemou rental housecocktail dresses located in Nanping suicide, he has been unconscious wake up. Police were far in Weihai, Shandong, he cocktail dresses ukis Hemou cousin He Jun (a pseudonym). Last night around 10:30, Hemou to work in Chongqing, Jilin''scouture dresses great aunt called and call it strange, Hemou tearful when speaking, I feel like drinking alcohol, and he kept couture wedding dressessaying "never return do not come "nonsense, but more worrying is that, Hemou custom wedding dressshe spoke no sound, but no one was hung up phone. Hemou only 19 years old, young design your own wedding dresstoddlers, do not take things too hard? I heard from a family where the news of a cousin, He dessy bridesmaid dressesJunli local police reported to the police immediately. Cousin can not commit suicide? Hedestination wedding dresses says no. People now what happened? He did not know. Rental house addressdiscount bridesmaid dresses where? He can not tell. A family emergency has become cat on hot discount wedding dressesbricks. Emergency, immediately south of Garden Road police station launched "rescue disney princess wedding dressesoperation." However, He Jun rental housing has always been clear description of the location, justdresses for a wedding remember to live in Nanping Hemou electricity, Jinshan Road, built near the room number dresses for partiesis Room 301. In order to race against time, the police decided to first address by dresses for promthe search according to the fuzzy, while maintaining the call with Hemou family. Timedresses for weddings is past, the further delay will be less and less chance of rescue. Chen Erming worked short wedding dressfor community police police, he Jinshan Road area is very familiar with that Hemoushort wedding dressescousin He Jun rental housing at this point have lived for some time, in the vicinity cansimple wedding dressesbe considered familiar, but now can not tell the address, Myeong Chan immediatelyspecial occasion dresses thought of the way: the Internet to find maps, to mark the location! 0:20 am the nextstrapless dresses day or so, He Junli that is found online Jinshan Road around the map, see the map summer wedding dressesHe Jun, and immediately remembered the approximate location of rental housing tuxcousin, mark a small dot, his e-mail, map sent to Garden Road Police Station. According tuxedos for weddingsto the previously provided "Room 301" message, Chen Erming and police were unique dressesquickly locked the target. It is located in Jinshan Road 253 residents of an unique prom dressesold house, headed to one of them out of the interval, leased to 19-year-old Hemou. Police unique wedding dressesarrived, the head of the household just at home, through photo-identification, there isvintage dress Hemou residence, locked the door Hemou time, police kicked the door flung open up. Byvintage dresses this time, Hemou room was dark, he has been lying unconscious on the floor, and in Hemou vintage prom dressesside, left half a bottle filled with a pound sorghum, vomit redolent of alcohol. Garden Road vintage wedding dresspolice station to police reports, the situation was very critical Hemou his two prominentpurple dresseyes Zhou Faqing been lying on the ground motionless, Garden Road police station purple dressesimmediately sent to the City Hemou six hospitals for treatment. Over about 2 am, thepurple prom dresses hospital came the good news, "Hemou out of danger." And let the police do not thinkred bridesmaid dresses that has been through a life and death of Hemou still do not know value of life, just wakingred carpet dressesup after the rescue refuse treatment, the police left, he tried to commit suicide to escape, thered dress three suicides have been stopped by police scene . Police were in the hospital keep up what a night. Yesterday, South Bank, Garden Road Police Station, Hemou lyingred dressesin the hall of the bench. August 14 night, 19 years working in Chongqing, Jilin Hemou cool guy, has a red prom dresses.

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Dansez pentru tine ca in Princess Tutu
21 Aprilie 2011 | Alecu

Azi vazut anime-ul Princess Tutu? Este foarte fain: e cu balet. Trebuie sa recunoasteti ca dansul este destul de rar anime-uri, va dati seama ce mare mirarea cand am vazut Princess Tutu.

Gasisem niste bookmark-uri despre AMV-uri si asa am dat peste anime-ul cu baletul. M-am distrat o gramada cand am incercat sa imit persoanejele cu nepotica mea.

Pacat ca n-am avut un profesionist care sa ne faca si poze. Poate o sa chem un fotograf. Nunta varului meu a fost un succes, cred ca voi chema acelasi fotograf pentru o sedinta foto sau video.

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Creative Monkeyz au sfaturi si in muzica
10 Martie 2011 | Alecu

Nu numai ca te-au incantat cu desenul Robotzi, dar ne dau si sfaturi si tutoriale care merita luate in considerare. De exemplu ei recomanda Audition3 & Soundbooth – Basic Recording si Audition 3 – Basic Mixing.

Discutam despre Robotzi in drum spre meditatii. Bucuresti numai despre asta vorbeste! Cand am ajuns acasa, am intrat si eu pe site-ul celor de la Creative Monkeyz si am gasit multe chestii folositoare. Dupa care am revazut episoadele din Robotzi si am ras pana n-am mai putut. Replici de genul “Cand pun ochiul in luneta, curat tot de pe planeta!”, episodul cu “mi-esti prieten”, replicile cu mediocrule, ma rog, ce sa mai … este un super desen.

As sta sa le analizez desenul, dar nu am timp ca trebuie sa caut fotograf. Nunta varului meu se apropie si trebuie sa-i recomand unul bun.

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Octav Paul
06 Decembrie 2010 | OctavPaul


mi se pare interesanta ideea de blog pe site-ul, si voi incerca sa-mi exprim cateva idei legate de muzica pe aceasta cale.

Merci, si astept comentariile voastre pe viitor... 

laura iubeste un baiat
05 Decembrie 2010 | laura.madalina

                                                            LAURA MADALINA TE IUBESTE                                                                                                                                                                                          

12 Octombrie 2010 | iulian

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13 Septembrie 2010 | sakuraish13

Incepem cu vedetele Disney.

Va las pe voi sa alegeti despre care vedeta Disney sa vorbim intai.

Lectii de umilinta pentru fanii lui bieber!
29 August 2010 | Rated-Y2J

Bun , deci se pare ca aceea emo wanna be ToxicLove isi arata talentele ei de prostie intr-un Blog in care comentariile nu sunt permise! Pai atunci sa fac si eu la fel pentru o lectie de umilinta cu dedicatii pentru fanii lui bieber!

Deci va place un gay nu? Ma refer la justin gayber, pardon justin bieber nu stiu de ce ma incurc... A da stiu pentru ca el e gay si pentru ca el nu are creier si pentru ca e o zdreanta! E clar , daca sunteti baieti si va place bieber , adica va place un gay sunteti si voi gay si am avut si exemple printre idioti! Gen Always Fan JB sau Alexcsu boy a.k.a sfark de iepure  2 oameni foarte inteligenti pe care ii tradeaza prostia lor de a fi fanii lui bieber

Va place justin bieberon? De ce pentru ca el suge? Pai dragele mele(acuma pentru fane) va doresc sugere placuta si voua , in special tie ToxicLove care esti o terminata psihic pe care nu are rost sa o bage nimeni in seama ... Si nici nu te baga nimeni in seama toti te bagam acolo de unde ai venit cand te-ai nascut! Asadar: You Suck and Shut The Hell UP! Sau mai bine Burn in HELL si tu si toti fanii lui bieberon/gayber imprena cu idolul nimenui ! bieber! _|_

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In fiecare Weekend petrecem in Club Xs
13 Iulie 2010 | Dj_Robby_1986

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