Boy George - Same Thing in Reverse

Stone by the riverGot no wind in my sailNo revolutions in my soulHey revelation's just a moment awaySoon I'm gonna be oldSoon you're gonna be oldRemember love is not something you can keepIt just takes the wind to blow it awayYou look so ugly as you lie there asleepBoy, you're pretty todaySo pretty todayWhen I was bornThey poisoned my mindThey told me to fightBut I'm not that kindThey said I was meekBut I did not mindIt's a case of the weakFooling the blindI see the stars have spelt your name in the skyI wrote it too down here on the sandWhen I first met youYou stirred nothing at allSee the cards in your handSee the cards in your handOh, if I could flyOh, if I could flyI'd take to the skyI feel so special when I'm making you cryBut I regret the things I throw in your faceThis drug will kill you darlingThis is no lieThis dragon we chaseThis dragon we chase

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