Beck - Orphans

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Think I'm stranded but I don't know where 
I got this diamond I don't know how to shine 
In the sun where the dark winds wail 
And the children leave their rumors behind 
As you cross that [?]  
The matchsticks for my bones 
If we can learn how to freeze ourselves alive 
We can learn to leave these burdens to burn 
Cast out these creatures of woe 
Shatter themselves 
Fighting the fire with your bare hands 
Now my journey takes me further south 
I want to hear what the blind men sing 
With the fossils and the gypsy bones 
I stand beside myself so I'm not alone 
How can I make [?] 
Or rust every time it rains?  
And the rain, it comes 
Floods are low 
If I wake up and see my maker coming 
With all of his crimson and his iron desire 
We'll drive the streets with baggage alone 
To be lost, I strive from a void 
To a grain of sand in your hand 
Ahhhh ooh ooh 
Ahhhh oooh ooh 
Ahhhh oooh ooh

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