Robyn - Do You Know (What It Takes)

Don't you know i can see what you're doing 
Runnin' around with your cheap talk, cheap talk 
What I need is a man who can do me right 
If you got what I need I can gurarantee 
To return all the love that you've given to me 
But I've got to be sure that you'll always be around 
Do you know what it takes to love me? 
Do you know what it takes to do me right? 
Do you know what it takes to love me baby? 
Heaven knows in my time I've been lonely 
Feelin' my love echo in my mind, in my mind yeah 
A never satisfied girl's what they call me 
But I just can't keep goin' on livin' lies 
Guarantee unto me, you won't let me down 
There's so much I can give but it's buried so deep 
I just got to be sure that you always will be around 

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