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OnOff DJ School Graduation Party 6
01 August 2011 | onoffdjschool

Miercuri, 3 August 2011, OnOff DJ School prezinta Graduation Party 6 @ Embargo

La sfarsitul fiecarei sesiuni, cursantii  au posibilitatea de a mixa in cadrul evenimentului de absolvire.

Line up:

Trainers: Istra Tec & DJ Spark

Graduates: Shadi, DJ Hexon, DJ Axel, DJ Kove, Theodor Pop, Eric White, DJ Shaggy, DJ Bebb, Dany HD, Crystal Noise.


10:00 - 12:30 mixing OUT (Embargo Terrace)
12:30 - 05:00 mixing IN (Embargo Club)

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26 Iulie 2011 | devil999737

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Another point of view the world
26 Iulie 2011 | devil999737

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23 Iulie 2011 | devil999737

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Analysts unique dresses believe that the current international
23 Iulie 2011 | devil999737

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The beauty of the lonely lonely is the mind self-supervision
12 Iulie 2011 | devil999737

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Floating clouds
12 Iulie 2011 | devil999737

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12 Iunie 2011 | djgavrils

Gavril''s ( Gavrilescu Constantin), was born on

October 6,1986, in Piatra Neamt, a mountain city from Romania.Since

childhoud had a passion for music, but his voice was not an advantage for him,

and then decided to explore a completely different field of art,namely

electronics. He believed that this will be his future and that will become a

specialist in electronics.Gavril''s liked hiking, mountain trips, always to

discover unknown places, he astonished his actions all others. At 16 years

had the preferences hip-hop, latin,he slowly entered the club but the atmosphere

changed musical taste like trance, progressive, techno.At 19 years, a

terrible idea it came to mind, namely to become a Dj. Gavril''s has struggled to

learn many dj mixing secret, but managed to understand everything abouta the

job of being Dj, practicing at home on their own equipment, watching specific

events club, various private parties.In 2009 Gavril''s musical production

started in a mini- studio at home, where he now creates its own productions,

remixes for best foreign artist and Romans.

CONTACT LINKS!/djgavrils


-skype: gavrilescu.constantin

-yahoo: djgavrils

-phone : 0040 769483578

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Rich Colours Event - 3rd Edition
02 Mai 2011 | onoffdjschool

Rich Colours Event - a ajuns la cea de a treia editie

Locatie: Cort Ursus, vis-a-vis de Univ. Petre Andrei
Data: Saturday, 11 June 2011
Dress code: coloured
Intrare: 15ron

Rich Colours Event isi propune sa schimbe tinuta evenimentelor obisnuite unde majoritatea celor din public se imbraca in alb si negru, iar majoritatea DJ-ilor realizeaza DJ Set, creand astfel un eveniment la care publicul va purta culori cat mai vii, iar invitatii principali vor realiza LIVE.


● The Tune Teasers - 1h LIVE & 2h DJ SET (00:30 - 3:30)

Cu o experienta de 10 ani pe scena muzicii electronice Istra Tec, Cosmin Dias si O. Sparks au pus bazele unui proiect LIVE intitulat The Tune Teasers.
Deasemenea Istra Tec si Cosmin Dias sunt cunoscuti si pentru productiile si remixurile lor semnate la Apparel Music, Crossworld Records sau Club-A-Club Recordings, unul dintre cele mai apreciate release-uri fiind "Guibass/Clemens EP" -[], acesta beneficiind si de un EP cu remixuri ce va aparea in luna iunie la CWR.
O alta productie de succes a celor doi este remixul unreleased la
"Iio - Rapture" [].

● Ruana - DJ Set (23:00 - 00:30)

Leonte Roxana sub numele de scena Ruana a inceput sa fie pasionata de muzica electronica inca de acum cinci ani. Club Skye a fost primul club in care a mixat ca incepator iar apoi a urmat si absolvit cursurile OnOff DJ School.
Ulterior a urmat o ascensiune, ea fiind invitata in atat in cluburi din Iasi cat si din imprejurimi, cum ar fi : Club Freedom (Roman), Club Down Town Cinema (Falticeni), Club Sensation (Botosani), Club XS (Iasi), Embargo (Iasi). Genurile abordate de Ruana sunt tech house, house si techno deep.

● ManO - DJ Set (3:30 - 6:00)

Totul a inceput acum 5 ani in clubul unui prieten unde fiind fascinat de mixere, playere si cum DJ-ul isi misca mainile pe playere si turntables, a decis sa treaca mai departe de la ascultator de muzica la Dj-ing.
Dupa un timp, a devenit rezident in acel club, numit Fantasy si dupa inca un an in celalalt club din oras, Empire amandoua din orasul natal Husi.
Un pas important in ascensiunea lui a fost rezidenta la al 11-lea club din Romania, (2009) HYPNOTIC din Iasi, unde a impartit playerele si mixerul cu aproape toti DJ-ii mari romani printre care se numara si Adrian Eftimie, Rosario Internullo, Livio, Raoul Russu, Pagal, Jay Bliss, Mihai Popoviciu, Vika Jigulina, The Model, Dan Ene si multi altii, dar si cu DJi internationali precum Satoshi Tomiie, simon Baker, Monoroom, Alex Flitsch, Markus Homm, Tom Clark si multi altii.
Anul 2010 i-a adus propriul show de radio la One Underground [], cel mai bun radio de underground din Romania, cat si 2 warmup-uri de exceptie pentru 2 DJi de talie mondiala: Mark Knight si Nic Fanciulli.
Seturile semnate Mano se pot asculta Joi de la 18:00 la One Underground [] cat si ca Guest lunar Crossworld Records Podcast pe Deep Vibes (UK).

Accesul strict interzis persoanelor sub 18 ani.
Eveniment recomandat de OnOff DJ School

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OnOff DJ School Showcase - Guest DJ - Byby
25 Aprilie 2011 | onoffdjschool

Line-up /
Warm-up - Istra Tec
Guest DJ - Byby
Promoter /
OnOff DJ School,  Embargo Iasi
Byby - un artist roman de mare perspectiva care a confirmat, in mare parte, asteptarile pasionatilor de muzica electronica din tara noastra.

Cateva din petrecerile renumite la care a mixat au fost:
- Kudos Beach, cu ocazia InDeep&Dance Days (1 mai 2010),
- Scena Daimon - din cadrul 9 years Anniversary,
- Warm-up la Awards 2011.

DJ Byby a luat locul 2 la Awards la categoria - Cea mai buna ascensiune in 2010, iar de 1 mai va mixa alaturi de colegul sau Eddy pe plaja la InDeep&Dance Days 2011.

Pentru OnOff DJ School Showcase vine pe 27 aprilie in club Embargo Iasi.

In warm-up va mixa Istra Tec, DJ si Producator din Iasi ce face parte din proiectul LIVE - The Tune Teasers.


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