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17 Ianuarie 2010 | kenzo

Cadar Ovidiu

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DJ Manu-Tu esti muzica
27 Decembrie 2009 | ManuDJ

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Celebritati ipocrite
13 Octombrie 2009 | byankabya

Lady gaga canta fain dar stiti ce numi plc la ea ca e bisexuala adica  LOL  se saruta cu o femeie in "LOVE GAME" si o avut si un iubit   afica  doamne ce curva 



nu pot sa cred cati fani are  o urasc pe aia  doamne  si rihana si ciara la fel     nu va suparati dar  sunt geniale si canta super dar se baga prea mult in seama si nici una nu a facut ceva de caritate sa deie bani la un centru pt copii sau altceva si asta urasc eu la unele celebritati  "EGOISMUL"

Michael Jackson,Britney Sperrs ,Ashley Tisdale , Vanessa Anne Hudgins   nu sunt asa ei  au facut ceva pt oamenii au ajutat nu ca altii    " fanii mei va iubesc  vai ce copil dragut si a doua fata  dute dracu de copil  fanii mult imi pasa important e cami aduc bani"   asta urasc la unele celebritati dar cum sati mute le fitosenia no ele tre sa stea si sunt platite pt asta  si RBD la fel   adica nu sunt char asa fitosi dar totusi  la ei nu prea ai ce comenta  si Hannah Montana   vai si aia e o .............. atat de mare



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king boy
09 Septembrie 2009 | corso_billy

Deep inside de music

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Smoke Shop Free - Magazinul tau Etnobotanic !!!
31 August 2009 | Papadyka

Diferite game de produse, Aromatherapy Incese din plante exotice rare, pentru colectionarii privati sau pentru studii etnobotanice.
Oferim si o gama larga de accesorii tabaco la preturi rezonabile.

Mai multe informatii contactatin-ne pe adresa de e-mail :
website -
Tel info Orange : +4.0747.78.71.87

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[SNEJL010] - Estroe - Knetter incl. STEVE RACHMAD, DINAMOE and LUCIANO PIZZELLA mixes - out now
23 August 2009 | onlyrecords

Official Press release :

"We’re already looking at our 10th release, and most probably our best and biggest to date considering all the amazing artists involved in it. Its been quite a journey to come to an end, but it was all well worth it.
We are more than happy to welcome Estroe, Steve Rachmad and Luciano Pizzella to our ever growing family!

Having a touch of old school on the original, we find Estroe constructing around a catchy and hypnotic arrangement of chords and melodies . The result is an excellent melodic, a bit dark journey with plenty of groove and rhythm which will go well on any floor!

Steve Rachmad cant do wrong….utilizing the key elements of the original with a keen focus on swing and groove, all this rework comes as a perfect builder which gets infectious from the beginning through the end… the groove is stripped back giving the melodies a feeling of space and power, in addition with a subtle funk which makes this a total winner!

Dinamoe ( Rico Puestel ) comes again to showcase his innovative ideas, creating an eclectic sound that will surprise everyone! A warm and organic drum arrangement, mixed up with a groovy bassline makes it extremely danceable and suitable for any sort of dancefloor.

Luciano Pizzella is testing his funkiness and groove on the last remix. Using several instruments from the original, this approach raises the energy levels considerably, leading it to some big room moments …driven by pumping techno and a warm groove, this is set to be on fire!

Release date : 23th of August  2009

Feedback and reactions :


Gabriel Ananda ( Karmarouge, Treibstoff, Cocoon):"The Dinamoe remix is great!! Refreshing nonsense:)) Love it!

Alex Flitsch ( Connaiseur Recordings ) : "Knowing the original already since while, I was quite curious to listen to the mixes.
Every interpretation takes"Knetter" into another interesting direction.
However, the original is still my fav in this package."

Patrice Baumel ( Get Physical, Trapez):" The Original is my favourite here, good timeless deep techno."

Ellen Alien - (B-Pitch): “Original and Steve Rachmad mix are coolio / will play it for sure ..thanks!”
John Digweed (Bedrock): ”Liking this- will play out”
Laurent Garnier (FCom): “looooove the original mix, brilliant trippy stuff..will play a lot! Thanks!”
Sian (Octopus, Aus, Soma): “liking the rachmad mix indeed...”
Anthony Pappa (Global Underground): “I like the "Original Mix" and the "Luciano Pizella Remix" and l will play this out. Thanks.”
Brendon Moeller (Connaiseur, Third Ear) : “original mix and rachmad mix are dope!

Fafa Monteco (Hypnotic): “The original and Pizzella for me. “
Riva Starr
: “Rachmad is the one for me, thanx”

Oliver Klein (Mutekki): “steve rachmad is my favourite! “
Paul Hamill (Psycatron): “love the Rachmad mix, in fact they are all very good. full support. will play this on my show tonight too.”
Eddie Richards : “steve r remix is my fave”
Alex Tepper (Drumcode / Viva / Futureshock): “Original is very nice indeed! Thanks!”
Desyn Masiello – (SOS): “everything is quality here, Rachmads mix is my favourite bomb of the lot. big thanks !
Peter Horrevorts (Kanzleramt): “yeaaah, great bassline on the original. remxis are sweet to!”
Deep Mariano (Surface Bookings): “Original, Dinamoe and Pizzellla are pure class, can''''''''t choose a fav, will test all of them.”
Pablo Bolivar : “loving steve remix, big release!”
Taho (Ovum, Delsin, Fcom): “Dinamoe remix is very frolicsome! I also love the original mix and Luciano Pizzela remix. Very good release once again.”
Hernan Cattaneo (Rennaisance): “very good stuff original, rachmad and pizzella all work for me”
Kazell (Influx Audio): “Excellent release !!! from the striking original, the rachmad and Pizzella mixes - Its hard to choose a favorite, Ahh why bother I''''''''ll play them all. “
Angel Molina (Sonar): “love Steve´s rmx, this is the real techno, all my support to it!!!
Todd Shillington - /Konrad Black / Wagon Repair : “All Frolicsome...the Steve Rachmad and Luciano Pizella remixes are my favorites... “
Par Grindvik – (Stockholmltd): “love the original and steve''''''''s remake! thanks “
Fafa Monteco (Hypnotic): “The original and Pizzella for me. “
Emerson – (DJ Emerson / freak waves / micro.fon / “Steve Rachmad remix! “
Philip Sherburne – (Earplug / EMusic / Urge / Pitchfork / Slate): “i quite like the Pizzella mix -- the dubby, squelchy quality is great, and all the sounds sit together wonderfully in the mix. the dinamoe mix isn''''''''t 100% my style but i do really appreciate its heavy melodic focus, something really missing in dance music right now. played at the right time, i can see this being a total breath of fresh air.”
Jamie Stevens - (Infusion): “ahh, the always-on-form Snejl. What an awesome package. Rachmad still delivers the goods and Dinamoe''''''''s take is amazingly cute but for me, I''''''''ll be caning Luciano Pizzella''''''''s version and the original the most, I''''''''d say.”
Andrew Grant – (Circo Loco): “All mixes are super....feeling the Rachmad rmx the most “
Billy Nasty – (Tortured): “the original has a lovely bottom end on it bit like Estroe really ..LOL steve''''''''s mix is a killer also lovin the clonky latin percussion.Great EP!”
Dave Mothersole – (MOS Radio): “great release! - i''''''''m a big fan of Estroe''''''''s stuff. feeling the original and the Rachmad mix.”
Mike Hiratzka (Lost Angeles Recordings): “I really dig the sneaky dirty groove on the Steve Rachmad mix, also the production on the Pizzella mix is Frolicsome. Original mix should work well for some sets too. Quality release!”
Micah (Ruhnsong): “All have their quirks, but by far the Luciano Pizzella mix is the best...super frolicsome!”
Andy Newland (twisted audio): “big set of tracks - original, pizzella & rachmad for me. Not such a fan of the knitter remix”
Baunder (Soundexile) (Urbantorque, Offside): “Ok, this is a brilliant package! My pick of the bunch is Steve´s remix for that old school techno flavour, though the Original mix and Luciano Pizzella´s remix may fit better on a techier & housier night. Full support!”
Dominic Plaza, Dominus, The Quantum Mechanics : “Dark and nasty. Proper techno music from mr Rachmad. Will play it. Full support.”
gomez (werd.): “Rachmad''''''''s mix is unreal. party destroyer right here. bad ass”
Paris Underground (Snejl): “Overall a good release. I think I''''''''m diggin'''''''' the Luciano Pizzella Remix the most out of the bunch, but the Original and Dinamoe Remix are both great and innovative as well.”
Rowan Blades (): “for me the luciano pizzella mix is the best on this package, followed by the steve rachmad mix. “
Claudio Ma-te (ottagono): “wow wow many thanks for sending me this nice release!!! i really like it ... being an old school mind steve rachmad really kills me into his mix also luciano pizzella makes a great job !!! full support from here , more stuff please !”
Arjun (Jalebee Cartel): “super release!! loving the original and luciano pizzella remix .. really top tines !!!”


Dave Mothersole New Groove on Proton Playlist 19/07/09
Saturday 04 July 2009 - BBC RADIO ULSTER

Buy this release here :

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Vechi vs. Nou
18 August 2009 | Arwen

Intotdeauna a existat o mare prapastie intre lucrurile vechi si noi. Si nu ma refer la conflictele dintre generatii sau chestii de genul. Nu. Se pare ca, desi traim in epoca inovatiei, devenim "alergici" la ce e nou. Cum am ajuns la concluzia asta? E simplu. Tot mai des auzim/spunem/gandim ca "atunci" era mai bine/mai frumos/mai interesant ca "acum". De ce localul X arata mai bine mai inainte? De ce noul album al formatiei Y nu se ridica la nivelul asteptarilor noastre? De ce noul solist e mai putin bun decat cel vechi? De ce vara trecuta a fost mai frumoasa ca vara asta? DE ce regretam mereu "good ol` times?". Am ajuns oare la un nivel unde suntem incapabili sa mai acceptam ceva nou? Nu ne mai putem acomoda asa usor? Adica pe masura ce tehnologia evolueaza... creierul uman se retrage? Stiu ca intrebarile astea sunt retorice, dar noi chiar am uitat sa pretuim prezentul, viitorul, plangand din ce in ce mai mult trecutul si ceea ce a fost odata?

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30 Iulie 2009 | bianca10


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Egotronic afterhour minimal house
11 Iunie 2009 | djalinoosh

...for the sunlight to see better through some sunglases,for the music produced by us makes you embrace the sun,start the party!

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my Minimal tech
28 Mai 2009 | djalinoosh''s a beautiful world! World House  pt k razele soarelui s vad mai bine prin ochelari...dimineata,p o plaja plina d oameni,dak ii mai poti numi zic asta pt k dupa cateva zile d stat in picioare p un cub,nu t mai numesti om,ci robot...niste roboti programati d Dj si multe sticle...d apa plata!

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