Biografie Ludmilla

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Genuri muzicale:
Break-BeatDrum and bassDubstep

Artisti similari:
Junkyard  Charlie Dundeen  Cezar  D-Laid  Caspa  DJ Snow  Benga

Ludmilla has been one of the most successful and most versatile female breakbeat DJs for the last 10 years in Europe. In long time partnership with Beatman (creating the Beatman & Ludmilla formation), they have dozens of international releases and movie soundtracks under their belts.

Their distinctive style got into shape by more than one thousand DJ appearances and live shows all across Europe (Hungary, Spain, France, Ireland, Czech, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Romania). The Beatman & Ludmilla sound is identifiable by the adaptation of the classical instrumentation and the progressive, more dance-orientated breakbeats and nu raves.

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