Biografie Andrew Red Hand

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A self-taught DJ, producer and promoter, uncompromising warrior of the underground, Andrew Red Hand has always tried to avoid the obvious trends and hype, an attitude that made none other than Aaron Carl name him ''the romanian underground resistance himself''.

From playing with the reel to reel tape recorder as a child, to trying to ''mix'' using the pause button of his first twin tape cassette player, to the first professional dj gear ... he knew exactly what his main passion was : music. Being exposed to a lot of music genres over the years, he has discovered in the early 90's the sound of Chicago house and Detroit techno which caught his attention : '' It was something very different and intelligent than all the electronic music that I heard and still maintaining the emotion that I was used to feel in the music I grew up with. I found myself into that .''

Deeply inspired by Underground Resistance, he had the honor of finally meeting them in 2008, a night he remembers as '' the greatest and the most inspiring experience.''

Born in Iasi, second largest city in Romania, he's one of the first generation of djs in town and he was there at the beginning of the underground scene in 1997 at Vip club, one of the very few clubs in the country that promoted electronic music at that time, where he learned the art of mixing and played occasionally. In the years that followed he and the main local djs have supported the underground movement in clubs such as 39 and Karaoke.

In 2002 he made the first ever broadcasted, live techno mix at a local radio. In 2003 he started to organize the first weekly techno parties in town, at the best local club XS, where he got a residence and opened a new era in the local underground scene under the ''Saund Engineerz'' party brand. In the following years he organized countless events with guests across the country in different clubs, such as club Imperium where he got a residence, fighting with the power of sound against the new trends that flooded Romania.

In 2007 he joined the 8311 Music label with a remix of the bulgarian techno pioneer DeepImpulser; in the same year he made the first indoor techno live-act event in his town, the 8311 Music Label Night.

In 2008 he has been guest in Aaron Carl's Warmth Session with a dj set.

In 2009 Andrew Red Hand had the honor to get signed to one of Detroit's legendary label, DJ Godfather's Twilight 76 Records, where he released the EP 'Iasi To Detroit' and became the first romanian producer who got signed to a label straight from the techno capital of the world.

In 2010 he joined Body Mechanic's Detroit Techno Records, his live remix of DJ Spade:Tha Specialist - The Illuminati was included on the 'Illuminati' project alongside artists from The Motor City such as: Ray 7 (UR,Los Hermanos...), Body Mechanic (Submerge Recordings, Electrofunk...), DJ Spade:Tha Specialist, Lego The Cook, Gogeta & Gt. ( Out-Nov.27 2010, CD & digital )

His first musical productions fuse together the soul of his native town Iasi, known as 'the spiritual capital of Romania' with the futuristic electro/techno sound, considered by Claude Young as ''true Detroit spirit music''. His tracks got support from : Anthony ''Shake'' Shakir, Terrence Dixon, Detroit Techno Militia's DJ Seoul, Mysterious Mr O of Detroit Grand Pubahs, Dave Clarke who charted and played them in his ''White Noise'' radio show as well as in 2008's Awakenings set, Body Mechanic in his ''Detroit Promo'' radio show, the djs of the esteemed Global Funk Radio, DJ Guy ... and also received positive feedback worldwide .

''Detroit Sunset'' has been remixed by the house music pioneer Mr K-Alexi, being in fact the first romanian track remixed by an artist from Chicago and also included in the playlist of (now defunct) the underground radio station New Detroit Radio.

He is and has been a constant promoter of Detroit techno & Chicago's early house, one of the very few to play these sounds in Romania. He has shared the booth with a part of the djs from his country, including the romanian Gigolo records' djs, Alexander Kowalski and DeepImpulser.

Being a versatile skilled dj, his sets are a musical journey, one of a kind in Romania. He plays music that stands the test of time, regardless of the trends, hype or fads, starting with Detroit's : techno, UR, electro/techno bass, ghetto tech, hi-tech jazz, soulful jazzy house to Chicago's acid, jacking house, timeless classics and some other international cutting-edge electronic music too.

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