Un nou release la labelul romanesc Snejl

20 Martie 2009 Beat Factor BeatFactor

Iata ca dupa 3 luni de la ultimul release avandu-l ca protagonist pe germanul Dinamoe ( snejl006 Lifeline EP ), Snejl revine in forta cu un nou EP compus din 4 singleuri realizat de aceasta data de catre Paris Underground, un tanar American din Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Cele 4 piese acopera majoritatea genurilor underground astfel incat avem parte de tech house, techno chiar si un house foarte digerabil si melodios ( Just Need To Get To You ), dar in acelasi timp nu se indeparteaza foarte mult de cel experimental , pe alocuri chiar cu influente de industrial.

Ep-ul se numeste Night and Day si poarte denumirea piesei cu acelasi nume, este si capul de afis , si chiar daca se face uz de catre un sample Raymond Scott , rezultatul este unul care cu siguranta va capta interesul majoritatii urmat de Jack Fights - varianta techno a Ep-ului , Nub, Snips & Crab o piesa extrem de interesanta cu valente tribal si un feeling destul de industrial dar care se pare ca a captat atentia cea mai multa din partea Djilor, si nu in ultimul rand Just Need To Get To You piesa artistica , un house cu o melodie excelenta, dar si un groove fresh, care cu siguranta va prinde bine pe ringul de dans.

Momentan Ep-ul se poate achizitiona exclusiv de pe Beatport (https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/162891/night_and_day_ep) , urmand ca in cursul verii sa apara si varianta 12 cu un pachet de remixuri realizate de catre artisti argentinieni : Christian Malloni, Deep Mariano si Soundexile . Pt. cei interesati, sampleuri pot fi deja ascultate pe Soundcloud.

Citeste: Snejl - Povestea unui label romanesc

Din dosarul de feedback-uri, mentionam mai jos:

Laurent Garnier: realy like track 4 -will play that one out!
Boris - Agnes // Ray Valioso (Perspectiv / Sthlm Audio): Super garagey EP, lovely !!!
Milton Jackson: love it!
Osunlade // Yoruba: lovin nubs, snips and crab...dope dope dope!!!
Yousef //Circus: love this whole ep, night and day is the stand out!
Marcus James //Renaissance: nub, snips is fantastic. very much the type of thing i do - and will - spin during peak time sets, probably for quite some time to come
Habersham: Nub, Snips and Crab Just Need to Get to You are my faves here - the latter brings goosebumps to me and it's splendid!
Jori Hulkkonen: great abstract tracky jackizm. me likes!
Jim Rivers //Simple // Misfit Records: like the groove and bass on Nub, Snips and crab here. sounds really chunky
Lars Sommerfeld - Two Faces / Fumakilla: evil stuff! will try i out.
Holgar Behn - H.O.S.H / Diynamic / Kindisch: just need to get you is fun!
Patrice Baumel //Get Physical / Trapez : Strange and very oldschool. But interesting.
Yannick Labb - Trickski // Innervisions: nicely done!
Tuomas Salmela - Phonogenic (Cocoon, 20:20 Vision): I'm diggin' "Jack Fights". Good party tune. Will play.
Emma Thompson- Misstress De Funk // BBC Radio 1: love love nub snibs and crab, like all tracks great all round release
Niv Hadas // REShuffle / Supplement Facts: :Jack Fights and especialy Nub Snips and Crab are the tunes for me on this one
Franco Bianco - Hypercolour, Dilek: I FUCKING LOVE THIS RECORDDDDDDD!!!! "Nub, Snips and Crab" its huge!!!! Full support!
Clive Henry //Peace Division / Circo Loco / NRK: quite quirky vibes
Rob Davy //Mutiny/Underwater: Night and Day.,. Romania got skills...
George // Toolroom : This release is completely mental. Great selection of tracks although Ill probably only get to play Nub, Snips and Crab, and thatll definately be those special occasions I can take it really hard. Am playing 4 - 6am tonight so will try and get it in then. Thanks!
Graham Goodwin - Sian / Pokerflat / Karmarouge: jack fights is nice!
Dave Congreve //Repeat Repeat: very solid ep of pretty strong and crazy trax....i really like night and day. will play & chart @12.
Afrilounge: just to get you is nice.
Benna Schneider - Benna (Harry Klein): the 3 first tracks are interesting but i don`t like the 4. will have to check if I can play them in my sets... my favorit is JACK FIGHTS
Mario Zar //Wolkenfunken / Viva / Presslab / Mutekki: nite n day's very cool, and Nub does it as well! Thanks
Alex Attias //Freedom Soundz / Compost / Various: dancefloor guaranteed!
Peter //People Get Real (wax:on): Loving Jack Fights great little vocal snippets and nice driving track
Markus Liefke - Afrilounge: yeahh cool!! very deep tracks... will give them a play!
Fredo //Club Vertigo (Costa Rica): Luv Night and Day, my fav in this release very fun track for really late in the night or like it says for the early morning crowd!!!
Alex Tepper //Drumcode / Viva / Futureshock: "Jack Fights" is my fav out of these but all tracks really fresh sounding and different Great EP. Cheers!
Robbie Akbal // Supernature Recordings / Akbal Music: Jack Fights is the one i will play... thanks !
Damien Almira - Timid Boy (Time Has Change Records/Trax Magazine/Paris): Jack Fights is a bomb !

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