Record Store Day, sarbatorita pe 17 aprilie

19 Aprilie 2010 Create It BeatFactor

Pe 17 aprilie 2010 s-a aniversat Record Store Day, adica ziua internationala a magazinelor de muzica independente.

Ideea din spatele Record Store Day ii apartine lui Christ Brown, si a fost fondata in 2007 impreuna cu Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave si Brian Poehner ca o sarbatorire a magazinelor de muzica independente din Statele Unite.

In aceasta zi, toate magazinele independente de muzica se unesc, impreuna cu artistii, pentru a sarbatori arta muzicii.

Artistii lanseaza release-uri limitate pe vinil si CD, plus o multime de alte produse promotionale exclusive, pe tot globul.

La toate acestea se adauga si performance-uri speciale, cook-outs-uri, body painting, meet & greets cu artistii, parade etc.

Metallica a fost prima trupa care s-a implicat in proiect, sustinand un concert in 2008, la Rasputin Music din San Francisco, pe 19 aprilie, iar acum aceasta Record Store Day se aniverseaza in fiecare a treia sambata a lunii aprilie.

In acest an, unii dintre artistii implicati in proiect sunt cei de la Infected Mushtoom.

Infected Mushroom vorbesc intr-un interviu de 5 minute despre rolul magazinelor de muzica independente, si mai ales despre ce a insemnat pentru acestia, ca muzicieni, magazinul de muzica independent de unde isi cumparau discurile in copilarie.

Interviul a fost acordat cu ocazia Zilei Mondiale a Magazinelor de Muzica Independente, care a avut loc pe 17 aprilie 2010.

Infected Mushroom - interviul despre Records Store Day

De asemenea, un material foarte interesant despre Record Store Day a fost realizat si in The Guardian.

Si pentru ca ne-a placut fantastic materialul, va prezentam si noi o scurta bucata din acesta:

"'Got any Lady Gaga?' The dos and don'ts of independent record shopping"

DO Flick through the fanzines and immerse yourself in 15-page features on Fad Gadget and reacquaint yourself with the joys of the picture disc.

DON'T Ask if they've got the album that got a five-star review in Q on CD because you "chucked your turntable away. By the way, I agree that Liam's the best ever frontman – don't you?"

DO Pay attention to the staff's recommendation of bands you might like.

DON'T Admit that you've never heard of them.

DO Nod your head sagely to the sounds being blasted from the shop sound system.

DON'T Ask the bloke behind the counter what's playing – or worse, be caught trying to Shazam it. And on no account ask them to "Turn it down".

DO Be prepared to dig through the sale racks. One colleague found a cache of early 80s Rough Trade vinyl there.

DON'T Ask if they've got any Lady Gaga.

DO Spend an arm and a leg on limited editions you never knew you needed.

DON'T Say you saw it for sale cheaper in Tesco. In fact, if you saw it at all in Tesco, you're in the wrong shop.

DO Stand your ground at the vinyl racks. Steady browsing is the name of the game – don't hog, but don't let anyone hustle you off.

DON'T be alarmed, ladies, by this traditionally 90% male environment. The record boys are much more intimidated by you than you are by them. :)

DO Be prepared for public humiliation if part-exchanging your old record collection. It will be scrutinised – and then they'll give you 50p for the lot.

DON'T Buy your records on Amazon (or illegally download them) then complain when a subculture disappears. Use your local record shop – or lose it.

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