Party-ul cu Markus Schulz se muta in Studio Martin

14 Septembrie 2010 Beat Factor BeatFactor

Asa cum ati putut afla deja din scroll-ul de evenimente, petrecerea de sambata aceasta, 18 Septembrie 2010, cu Markus Schulz, va avea loc in clubul Studio Martin din Bucuresti, desi era initial programata pentru Arenele Romane.

Alaturi de Markus Schulz, vor mai fi prezenti la pupitru DJii romani Snatt & Vix, care au facut warm up-ul si pentru Tiesto in cadrul evenimentului The Mission Dance Weekend 2010 din Mamaia.

Evenimentul este organizat de catre TrancENDance. Mai jos puteti citi un interviu cu Markus Schulz realizat de catre organizatori, in limba engleza.

TrancENDancE: Hey Markus, we already know how you're gonna greet Romania and that is... ok, you say it, because you always make it sound much better!

Markus Schulz: What's up Romania!

TND: Speaking of which, do you know what is the capital of Romania?

MS: I’m happy to say that you don’t travel the world for 48 weeks of the year without picking a few nuggets of geographic info up! It’s Budapest… Nah, I’m KIDDING! I know its Bucharest really!

TND: How would you describe yourself in three words?

MS: Music, music, music! Or if you wanted three different words: ‘music’, ‘DJ’ & ‘producer’. That’s only how I would describe myself professionally though. Describing myself personally, I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d probably leave it up to someone else!

TND: If you could have some people over for dinner dead or alive who would they be? Please name at least three guests.

MS: You know what, I’m a ‘more the merrier’ kind of guy, I like a party so let’s max this out. I’m laying the table large and going with Larry Levan, Aphrodite, Bono and let’s have The Edge for good measure, Chris Martin, Dave Gilmour, the current Phoenix Suns first team and maybe a few hall of famers too, Mike Edwards from ELO (RIP), Manfred Mann (and any of the band members who felt like making it!), UTFO, The World Class Wrecking Crew, Fab Five Freddy, Afrika Bambaataa & the whole of The Rock Steady Crew. I think that would make for quite a party; I know I’d have plenty of questions to keep them all busy!

TND: Why do you (and a growing number of DJs) use a pseudonym to release tunes with a slightly different style than "regular"?

MS: People come to see Markus Schulz expecting a style of music. I like to think that style range is quite broad, but sometimes it’s not quite broad enough for me! I am not someone who likes to disappoint so if I feel that the music I’ve made on any given day is outside of that realm then I think releasing it under a different name is a smart thing to do for all concerned. The fans get a heads-up that they’re going to be experiencing something different and no one is surprised when (as with Dakota) they get something deeper, more tech, elec or minimal!

TND: Do you like Pepsi or Coke?

MS: One of the greatest debates known to mankind this - the ultimate battle! Honestly though I don’t know how why. How are Pepsi are still going so strong?!! There is no way that they’re as good as Coke! I think that they must have struck up some reeeeally smart (long) tie-in contracts with restaurants around the world! You know what I’m getting too engaged in this; coffee’s my drink of choice so it should be Starbucks!

TND: In 2005 you founded your own label, Coldharbour Recordings. With which philosophy do you run it? How do you choose the tracks that will be released on Coldharbour?

MS: I think there’s more of an ‘aim to the mission’ as opposed to a philosophy as such. If that is the case then it would be to put out a specific style, sound and quality of music that best encapsulates what I’m about. Aside from the reference to my time in studios in London’s Coldharbour Lane, I’ve always felt that, in essence, Coldharbour was an evocative label name for the tracks that we release. We don’t do what I would consider to be full-blown trance; more tracks with less obvious riffs, away from the mainstream – ones that have sounds and FX with more nuance & depth. If you look at the artists that started out recording for the label - people like Marcus Schossow, Santiago Nino, Probspot, tyDi & Niklas Harding etc - I think they themselves encapsulate it well too. Producers who are able to explore left and right of the trance mainstream.

TND: You have been working with the label Armada for many years. What do you appreciate most about this cooperation?

MS: Certainly in trance, but quite possibly in electronic dance music too, Armada are the greatest force out there. When you run record labels it’s always natural to want your music to be heard as wider audience as possible. Armada do this through many channels and this is what we have come to love about working with them.

TND: Markus, you have a new album. Can you tell us more about it? How was the album “born“?

MS: How was ‘Do You Dream?’ born? Hmmm, well not on one specific day that’s for sure. There comes a period, typically about a year after the release of your last artist album when you start thinking about where and when you’d like to go again. I supposed that’s the ‘acorn’ moment. Then it’s an 18 month to 2 year period into which you once again pour your heart and soul into creating something that you love, and you hope that others will do likewise!

TND: You have some vocal guests on this album again. How do you choose those?

MS: When you have that long a period between your albums it’s plenty of time to hear many other vocalists singing on other tracks. When you do you either think to yourself ‘I like that voice but I’m not sure its right for what I want to do’ or ‘heh, that sounds great! I think I’d like to work with that person’. That was very much the case for people like Susana, Jennifer Rene & Ana Criado, who all sang on ‘Do You Dream?‘.

TND: What Tv Series you enjoyed the most over the years?

MS: Man, that’s a big question! Honestly I wouldn’t want to say in terms of ‘the most’. A couple of shows from this decade though, I’d go with Entourage – I watch that show a lot. If you’ve not seen it, it’s about this actor who starts getting famous in New York and then moves out to Los Angeles with his 3 friends. It sounds a bit smug while I’m writing this but the actors they picked to play the leads are really down to earth and just make it work! In fact everything about it: script, story & setting is just great. The seventh season has just started and I’m looking forward to a whole autumn full of it!

TND: If you would change your style as producer in the next years what "higher BPM" producer would you collab with?

MS: This is an interesting question! Changes of style tend to occur organically, and over time so I’ve got no plans or thoughts as such to do that. In terms of “higher BPM” well that would tend to indicate a significant change of direction for me. Just to play ball though (!) let’s say Aphrodite. He’s a drum&bass producer whose basslines really influenced me around the turn of the millennium… so let’s go with him!

TND: You rarely use an alias. But during the years, you produced under your name, Markus Schulz, and under Dakota. I like to think that a person has two sides: a positive one, and a darky one. So...can Dakota represent the darkness inside of you?

MS: You know what I love the theory! I fear though you’re going to be disappointed with the answer! I don’t think it represents the darkness in side of me, no. What is does represent is an opportunity for me to make club music using sounds, effects, equipment and influences outside of those that people have come to expect from music coming out under my name.

TND: What artist had influenced your musical career the most?

MS: I couldn’t tell you the most, but I would say Pink Floyd (Syd Barret, Dave Gilmour and other late 70s/early 80s musicians) played a significant part. So too though did Larry Levan; what he did in terms of transporting US dance music out of the late disco era and into the early house one can’t be underestimated. Influence is a funny thing, you know. I actually think the above might be more inspirations than influences.

TND: Markus, you moved from Germany to Miami at age of 13.. Which country do you feel much closer to your heart..

MS: Ah man – no fair! To me that’s like being asked to choose between your mum and your dad! I certainly don’t feel either as being “much” closer to either. I have homes in both countries and when I’m touring Europe Berlin is my base. I moved from Germany very early on and I’m well settled in the States now. But let’s just say this: you can take the boy out of Germany, but you can never take Germany out of the boy!

TND: And that was our last question. Thanks for this quick interview Markus!

MS: Thank you!

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