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Lansare album (Xplore - 6PM)

Data: 28 Octombrie 2010 - 29 Octombrie 2010
Loc: Bucuresti , Bucuresti
Pret: 11.10 usd

Tracklisting 1. Chilling Downstairs (intro) 2. Blu Velvet (instrumental) 3. Easy Life 4. That Thing (with Ravenna Michalsen) 5. Tell Me This (with Ravenna Michalsen) 6. Semi-Conductors (part 1) 7. Detective Clarks Green New Hat 8. Semi-Conductors (part 2) 9. Blu Velvet (with Marta Hristea) 10. You Are My Sunshine 11. Rainy Day Coffee (with Marta Hristea) link to listen (and buy) Story behind it it has been roughly produced between the year of 2005 and 2008. In the beginning there were a lot of tracks which I was planning to release as a downtempo compilation edited in Romania as "Blue Velvet". Eventually, plans changed and I wisely chose a UK editor and publisher (Seamless Recordings, based in London) and Blu Velvet became one of the tracks on the album. The name of the album, 6PM came to me when I thought of the whole bunch of the tracks, pretty easily, that late afternoon feeling when you feel a bit more relaxed cause day is almost done, you''''ve no much stuff to do, but sun is relaxing and you''''ve got few more hours to chill. The album itself is a collection of various tracks which use same quality, downtempo beats. From chilly morning sunny "You are my sunshine" to spy-breaks "Detective Clarks...", to loungey "Chilling downstairs", to electronic beats and treats in Semi-Conductors (part 1 and 2), to eclectic electronica productions with dharma music singer Ravenna Michalsen (yes, she''''s from the States), and finally to jazzy-downtempo-vocalish productions with Marta Hristea, it''''s all an all-round-original biskuit for ya :)) enjoy

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